wonder can anyone help, i am getting a pain in my coccyx (tail bone) during cycling, I cycle 30 to 50 miles most days. Is the pain due to saddle position? any help and advice would be most welcome


dave atkinson [6329 posts] 7 years ago

has it just started happening, or do you always get it?

It's an unusual place to get back pain but i guess is could be a positional thing, many people get lower back pain due to their position on the bike and the coccyx isn't that far from the lower back...

If you suspect it's down to your position, try changing your position. Start with your saddle angle and lateral position as that's a free fix if it works. Moving the saddle forward will sit you up more on the bike, angling it down at the front just a touch will move more of your weight to your hands. Both of those might help a bit?

Fish_n_Chips [514 posts] 7 years ago

Which saddle are you using? Any previous injury?

Try a Spesh BG for road? Get your sit bones measured and matched to your saddle.

Your tail bone should clear the cut outs on saddle but if you still get pain then speak to a sports Chiro or a cycle shop speacialising in road fit.