I have £3000 to buy 2 road bikes and cannot decide if the KUOTA Karma at £1500 is better value that a number on different websites reduced from over £2000 to less than £1500,

Myself and my wife are starting Triathlon and are average to good cyclists. Our average speed is 17 to 20 mph on quite standard bikes and we are capable of riding much faster.

After a very large bus recently knocked me off my Marida I have decided I am fortunate to be alive and am splashing out on bikes for me and my wife.
We are on the verge of being fitted for 2 KUOTA Karma bikes at a total cost of £3000. I cannot help thinking that a number of stores are discounting bikes normally selling for over £2000 to less that £1500.
One example is the Cannondale Synapse Ultegra with £500 off. Is there more value in buying off the net with a great discount or is getting the bike fitted at the standard price worth more than that.....

Any thoughts would be considered. Thanks


vorsprung [283 posts] 7 years ago

The Kuota Karma is not a Triathlon bike

Also for his n hers bikes...does the Kuota Karma have a WSD geometry option?

copvek [1 post] 7 years ago

I have decided to have a good road bike and not a Tri specific bike. We need to use he bikes most days so I thought road bike would be best. My wife has always rode male bikes and assumed that she would just be fitted for the bike like me. Im not into all the Tec stuff to do with bikes.