Hi Guys, 

Worth a post I thought as they're fairly unique builds, but last night our outbuilding was broken into and four of our bikes stolen. If anyone sees anything, please shout! 

Mason Bokeh


XTR Di2 2X

Cervelo S5 2016

Swissside wheels

Ultegra Di2 6770


Cannondale Womens Supersix Evo

Ultegra Di2 6770 External Battery 

Bontrager Wheels


Kona Sutra

Green, a bit batterred. 

Not worth a huge ammoun, but I cycled to Morocco on it on my first big bike trip. 


Gutted is not the word. 


peted76 [893 posts] 1 month ago

Sorry to hear this.  Hopefully you are insured.

What region are you in by the way?


I wonder where all of these stolen bikes go, surely with the amount of high end bikes being nicked they can't be resold in Britain? I get that they are 'broken down and sold off in parts, but I rarely see 'undesirables' riding around on high end frames.. (you can easily tell, even if they are badly resprayed)...  you'd imagine that every toe-rag would be riding a cervelo at the rate they get nicked.


John_S [51 posts] 1 month ago

Hi robertthehungrymonkey,

I'm really sorry to hear that because there having your bike stolen is a nightmare whatever bike it is but I especially sympathise with you given the bikes that they are.

I'm sure that you're already talking to the police as well as appealing for help & for people to keep an eye on on local sites as well as this one.

I've no idea whether it will help you or not but following a thread on another forum sometbody pointed somebody else to this website and I don't know if it's worth registering your bikes on here.



Best of luck with recovering your bikes!




rjfrussell [437 posts] 1 month ago

I was told by the police when mine was nicked that with top end bikes that are likely to be quite distinctive, the pro thieves will strip the parts, sell them, and often just bin the frame.  Criminal in more than one sense. 

wellsprop [721 posts] 1 month ago

Sorry to hear this  2 Makes me angry...

Have you looked on Find That Bike? it searches ebay, gumtree and preloved for bikes