I'm looking to upgrade my crankset from the FSA Vero (square taper) one fitted to a Tiagra one to match the rest of the drivetrain. However, once I started to look into BB sizes etc to price up components I've become confused by the info give on my bike manufacturers website which states the following:

Frame - BB386 bottom bracket standard

Crankset - FSA Vero Pro

Bottom Bracket - FSA PF30 w/19mm reducer

link to manufacturers website http://feltbicycles.com/International/2016/Bikes/road/endurance/VR/VR40....

Is this correct that a square taper crankset is compatible with a press fit BB?

Also what BB would I need to buy to fit the Tiagra crankset?




wellsprop [781 posts] 2 months ago

Square taper isn't compatible with press fit BB's as far as I know. Square taper (internal bearing) BB's are both sealed and threaded.

The BB on that bike is threaded, as far as I can tell, seeing as it is an Alu frame.

Assuming you have a threaded BB, the easiest thing to do is take out the BB and put in a Shimano threaded Hollowtech II BB and Tiagra Hollowtech II crankset.

Acm [43 posts] 2 months ago
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There's no way that your frame can be bb386 and use a square taper crank. Square taper cranks require a threaded bottom bracket (which is 68mm wide), while 386 shells are 86mm wide. No adapter can work around that.

Looking on Felt's site, they sell aluminium bikes with 2 versions of the Vera Pro, a square taper one on the threaded frames and a 386 one on the 386 frames.

What bottom bracket you need for the Shimano cranks depends on which frame you've got. I don't know if it's a problem my end, but your link doesn't take me to a specific model of bike. Either a photo of the driveside crank or the model of your bike will be enough to let you know what BB you need

jterrier [161 posts] 2 months ago

2 different standards,maybe two different bikes. If its a square taper then you can upgrade your crankset and bb to a hollowtech 2 system. If its pressfit then thats a different upgrade path.

Hairyman [1 post] 1 month ago

Hi all,

Thanks for your comments. I've some further info as follows. The bike is the felt vr40 (386 frame). I've attached a photo of the drive side crank. Also checked and it's definitely a press fit bottom bracket. What made me query this is that FSA only list the square taper vero crankset on their website & I can't find any reference to a 386 version anywhere on the Web.

jterrier [161 posts] 1 month ago

That photo only shows the crank bolt. We need to see a shot from up underneath or from the non drive side showing where the axle comes from.