Handle bar choice: odd issue in the drops.

by litespeeddavemira   September 12, 2010  

Ok, so excuse this if its a bit of a daft question....

I've had a few road rides on the litespeed, played around with saddle rail length, and bar height and finally got comfortable on the hoods.

i'm finding that when i use the drops, my knees overlap my elbows quite alot, i'm starting to think that the drops i've got are a bit deep, they're a ritchey ergo bar.

Any opinions on bar position from what i've described? i know it may be a bit difficult without actually seeing me on the bike!



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you might want to try something that's wider, or flares out to give you more cockpit room. i use salsa bell lap CX bars on my road bike, and can't recommend them enough Smile

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7532 posts]
12th September 2010 - 20:34


I'm using 42s at the moment, i'm not that broad in the shoulder but have really long arms. I'm about 5ft 11,would running 44s help? the bars aren't anything special, just something i got free from work.

posted by litespeeddavemira [26 posts]
12th September 2010 - 22:49


44's will only give you an extra cm on each side, so unless you are only just clipping your elbows you might need more room. The flared bars could be a good option,

Other things that could help would be a bit more length in the stem or reach in the bars, a shallower drop bar, or just rotating the bars a bit to push the drops forward. You may have to play around with the position of the brake levers on the hoods to get them back in the right place though.

Oh, the never ending fun of tweaking your position on the bike.

posted by step-hent [705 posts]
23rd September 2010 - 9:41


But otherwise it is quite normal for elbows and knees to overlap, as seen from the side of the bike, isn't it?

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posted by cat1commuter [1384 posts]
23rd September 2010 - 10:11


is it? to be honest i don't think i am enjoying the shape of the ergo bar, i'm going to get something with a more traditional drop.

being a bit new to road riding i wasn't sure if the overlap was normal. My knees don't actually come into contact with my elbows that i've noticed so i don't think wider solves the issue.

Only other thing i've done is move my saddle back on its rails and dropped the bars another 10mm

posted by litespeeddavemira [26 posts]
28th September 2010 - 17:22