Hello one and all...
1st post for me so bear with me!

I am rolling around on a Giant Defy 3 2010 which comes with 'Giant Sport Road CR, Double Wall' rims - ones I believe to be pretty good for standard wheels on a lower end bike.

My questions to you all are:

1. If I am going to upgrade anything, is is a good idea to upgrade the wheels first?

2. On a budget of £200 max can I get something that will be notably superior/ marked improvement to the standard wheels on the bike?
I will be doing a variety of events/ rides from triathlons to sportives, so ideally these should be good all-rounders.
I hope I can get some good answers from you all - many thanks in advance.



litespeeddavemira [18 posts] 6 years ago

At that price, you'd be looking at a pair of Mavic Aksiums £190, or if you can stretch a bit, the Pro-lite braccianos are very light for £250.

dave atkinson [6298 posts] 6 years ago

Aksiums are a definite step up from what your defy came with, but litespeeddavemira is right: the braccianos are a steal at £250, although i think they're fresh out at the mo. also worth maybe looking for a second hand pair of ksyriums or similar, or asking round local bike shops to see if anyone's bought a posh bike and swapped the wheels out, you might get the swapped set for cheap...