Anyone had any experience with one? They seem quite weighty for a carbon frame but look ok value.

Interested to find out more about the frame.

Anyone had one?


Morgoth985 [123 posts] 9 months ago

I have one as a day to day commuter / leisure bike.  Yes, the frame is a little on the heavy side but not ridiculously so and it's stiff and fast and comfortable.  Very nice to ride in fact.  Certainly not sluggish at all.  Not a flat out race bike I would say, but its rider is a very long way from being a flat out racer also.  

If you can swap off the stock wheels for some Cero ones or something you'll bring the total bike weight down anyway for summer.  Keep the stock ones for winter.  Value for money I think better than OK, pretty hard to beat in my view.  Also I prefer dealing with Dolan than some others out there.

Overall recommended.