i'm thinking of subscribing to the bkool simulator £75 for the year i think , has anyone got any opinions reviews on it ?

I already have zwift , but like the idea of being able to upload my routes to bkool and ride them , plus i think bkool has more training plans on offer than zwift 

I'm not looking for bkool or zwift haters , just an honest review or opinion 



CXR94Di2 [2114 posts] 9 months ago
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I have tried both, in fact I started out on Bkool with my Wahoo Kickr. I got into the racing offered by Bkool. It's was good fun, got a lot fitter. But I couldn't understand initially why I was placing lower than others with more power. I then had the chance to borrow a Bkool Pro trainer. Wow I suddenly had and extra 50W and was further up on the races. This was great until I had to give it back and then found I was way behind again. Bkool then tried to mess with their Simulator and screwed the software up, ruining my experience on the Kickr. They again altered the software, corrected one problem and created another the 'dreaded dead stop' on gradient transitions.
I eventually lost faith with their excuses and moved over to Zwift and Trainer Road.
Don't get me wrong I use Bkool(free version) rarely for training on specific mountain climbs, but that's is it. I doubt I will use it again with BigRingVr and Road Grand tours offering all the a famous climbs around the world in rich graphics or HD video Their simulator is ok for Bkool Pro trainers but if you want to compete against others forget it, you will be disadvantaged. Re riding your own routes will be OK.

Tip,. If you link Strava to Bkool, then your rides will appear in Bkool for free and you just search for them and ride it free

musomaniac [2 posts] 9 months ago

thanks for the info much appreciated , i'll stick with zwift , and may have a look at the others you have mentioned