I'm sure it's a Good Thing that both the men's race and the women's are be be given an extra date, but I had thought the fourth day of the men's would have been the Monday, given that it takes place on a Bank Holiday weekend.  It seems the extra day for the blokes will be a on a Thursday. 

The Friday always felt to me to be the Cinderella day when a lot of people who might have lined the route would be at work.  The crowds were, naturally, bigger at the weekend.  I wonder if enough towns/cities in Yorkshire will want to lay out £100,000 or so for a few seconds of relatively poorly-attended scenes in a highlights programme on the night.  Just saying...



fustuarium [246 posts] 9 months ago

I imagine that they wanted Monday but couldn't get it for some reason. Road closure issues, UCI calendar, other events etc. Or just that the cost of police overtime on a Bank Holiday would make it prohibitively expensive. Not on the same level, but apparently that's why they don't have bonfire night etc on a Sunday here any more because of wage bills on a weekend.