Another pedestrian has died following a collision with a cyclist in London (outside Bond Street tube). No more detatails than that at this point.


Obviously, condolences to the poor lady's family. Any death on our roads is tragic.

Expect cyclists to be villified in the press yet again (especially so soon after the Charlie Anniston case)... 





CygnusX1 [637 posts] 3 months ago

Usual crap (as much a menace, should have licences/insurance) already appearing below the fold on news sites.

ES have slightly more info and a photo showing a MTB on the pavement inside the police cordon. Cyclist was arrested in connection with an unrelaed allegation of criminal damage.

Alessandro [158 posts] 3 months ago
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Firstly, an awful incident and thoughts with the victims family. Regardless of the circumstances, no one wants to go out and never come home again. 

I doubt that any of us knows the specific facts of this incident and to whom blame can be apprortioned. However, the one thing that really irritates me is the wording used in the BBC and Evening Standard reports: 

"A 73-year-old woman has died after being struck by a cyclist in London's Oxford Street."

"An elderly woman has died after a crash with a cyclist in Oxford Street."

Contrast this with any incident involving a cyclist and a motorist and it's always "cyclist in collision with car/bus/lorry". Perhaps it's me just being paranoid but you can already sense the public's response to this will be to immediately place blame on the cyclist and await the facts. 

Innocent until proven guilty. Except when you're a cyclist. 

audrey27 [15 posts] 2 months ago

What a sad event that crossing the road leads into death, "She was taken to a central London hospital but died in the early hours of Wednesday."

audrey27 [15 posts] 1 month ago

That is really sad for a 73-year-old woman, condolences to the lady's family. It is an awful news and it makes me heartbroken because i cant imagine that a bicycle can kill a person in just a moment like that.