Have googled to no avail - does the wolftooth roadlink add or reduce cable tension?

have a 1X Qring up front, sram rival 10speed out back with the stock 11-28 cassette that came with that rear mech,

1) added roadlink with existing casette; all indexing ok except lost  top gear - would not go to 11t cog

2) installed 11-36 cassette, same issue. did a 50k ride and all ok with other gears, indexing, etc seems spot on. 

anyone esle had this - is this a cable tension issue? or limit screws? would have though b-screw except that the issue was already there with the existing casette? its on a tri bike so cable does some funky twists  1


bob_c [57 posts] 10 months ago

If there is still noticeable tension in the cable when you're trying to get into the 11t then it's likely to be cable tension; if the cable is loose but it's still not shifting then it's the limit screw.

You probably know all these steps I but I'd probably start again with the rear derailleur setup:
1. Disconnect cable and wind in adjuster
2. Use limit screw to line up derailleur on 11t
3. Reconnect cable
4. Wind out adjuster until you can shift 11t-12t-11t smoothly
5. Shift into lowest gear, adjust limit screw
6. Fine tune tension