Carton [396 posts] 10 months ago

Par for the course for The Guardian. Top-notch reporting let down, as usual, by the constructivist editing and editorializing. The last four paragraphs (that were likely segued onto page 62D) hint at the real story:


Mario, a San Francisco user of the bike-share program, who has a discounted membership because he qualifies for food stamps, said he was perplexed by the backlash.

“It’s the cheapest transportation option we have,” said the 29-year-old, who works as an administrative assistant and asked not to use his full name, because he feared backlash from anti-gentrification activists.

The vandalism is “hurting people that actually use this”, he added. “It just makes us in the neighborhood kind of look childish if we start burning and graffiting everything. I think it’s really sad, because a lot of people depend on these bikes.”

Activists shouldn’t be worried about the bikes drawing wealthy tech workers to the neighborhood, Mario added: “The people who have money are just going to take an Uber.”