need a bit of advice. going to Mallorca in a couple of weeks and, rather than having gotten myself into shape like i should have done, i've piled on a few pounds and as such my jersey (an XL castelli) is a little too tight around the gut.

So, i ordered myself an XL dhb jersey, thinking the british sixing might be a little more forgiving than the italian castelli sizing. unfortunately this didn't really pan out, and although it is slightly less pregnancy suggesting than the castelli, it's way too long on the arms.


can anyone recommend a decent jersey that might be a bit more forgiving around the waist? i'm 5'8" and around 14st 3.

thanks in advance,




BehindTheBikesheds [2021 posts] 11 months ago

fat lad, lol, I'm over 16 stone, and a 47" chest.

Forget the weight/height you need to go purely on armpit to armpit measurement, collar to cuff length and collar to hem length.

If you know what does work for you then ask manufacturers for actual measurements, not the sizing, these are utterly meaningless without the actual accurate measurements.

For casual/inexpensive I have polaris jerseys (very hard wearing), one of my best fitting is a LIDL jersey. Maybe consider an MTB jersey for a bit more space around the tum.  Polaris Tarrant in an XL might work for you?

Jack Osbourne snr [713 posts] 11 months ago

Some good general advice from BTBS, there.

I have several jerseys that fit well across the shoulders, but are too long... Which is bizarre as I have a relatively short torso.

Primal Wear can be quite square and are a roomy US cut, so have a look at them. PBK have some.

TheGingerAce [5 posts] 11 months ago

Have a look at Fat Lad At The Back, measurements on the site for ordering, seems to fit the bill and I know a couple of lads who swear by them 

turboprannet [299 posts] 11 months ago

+1 for Primal. 

kil0ran [920 posts] 11 months ago


sell modern and retro,Santini jerseys going up to 8XL (52" chest)

Quality kit and amazing service. 

kevvjj [384 posts] 11 months ago

Boardman stuff is 'relaxed' enough and great value - you get to try it on if you go to Halfords.

Otherwise just stay away from 'pro fit' etc and stick with relaxed fit.

akmbikes [23 posts] 11 months ago

Being similar, i.e. too short for my height, I would also recommend the MTB jersey route. While I sometimes go for the complete stretch look, I often ride in my Endura MTB jersey. The biggest benefit of them is that they don't stretch as much as my roadie jersey so when I have the pockets loaded up they don't snag on the seat.

I'm pretty sure they are an older version of this


That said, I also have a couple of Endura's road jerseys and they fit nicely too. I actually sized down last time I bought one just to make sure it was short enough.

The other thing I find is that the tight fitting jerseys feel better on the bike than off it; presumably they are cut that way.


Hope you find what you are looking for.

Johnnyvee [151 posts] 11 months ago

+1 for Primal - I'm bigger than you and find they fit well without being too tight.
I also have found Altura jerseys and Sportful (3XL) are good.
I love my Ale bibs but can never get any of their jerseys to fit - far too tight.
As others have said measure and try if possible before you buy or go for somewhere that does free returns or exchanges.
Have heard good things about lusso but never tried.

The _Kaner [1165 posts] 11 months ago

I am pretty much in a similar 'fitting dilemma'.

At 160cm and 68kg, most of my bulk shows as 'rotundness' - I like to call it middle age spread...good living.

On old Rapha (merino) medium fits well, newer Core, the medium body length is great, but shoulders look like I'm going to a Duran Duran concert back in 1986.

Castelli, I had to try an XL in the Gabba 2, but the body length would suggest I should be around 200cm tall.

I hate pockets hanging over my arse, I'd rather they were on my back where they're supposed to be.

Santini, always hovered between a med/large on jerseys and a sm/med in shorts. No I' don't have Johhny Bravo physique either...and I'm not too keen on newer Santini cuts.

Long sleeve Altura jersy/jacket seem to fit best in Medium and I can't get any DHB jerseys to fit me no matter what combination I try.

Usually if I find the 'sweetspot' I just go and buy that same product for ever more (until they revise the fit)...

Generally I will email manufacturers and ask for a run down of all measurements - some already furnish these data online.

Good luck in finding something in your 'sweetspot'

(I'm still searching...and the wife will eventually stab me, if I don't stop buying cycling clobber)


huntswheelers [132 posts] 11 months ago

Fat Lad At The Back....  great sizing and generous in all the right places....they do a steath range for those who don't like the FLAB branding....