I am looking for a new ride, my current one is just too big and the geometry is not what I want in a bike right now. Performance bike has a ridley orion with di2 for 1600 bucks, but I can't find any info on the orion. I almost pulled the trigger on a fenix, but missed my size on sale. Anyone have any idea about this bike? If I don't get this I'm buying an orbea avant m30


Huw Watkins [159 posts] 10 months ago

The Orion was Ridley's 'cooking' frame.  Nothing wrong with it at all.  Made in the Far East and painted in Belgium.  It'll be solid and dependable.

I had a Damocles for a season; it was fine but nothing very special.  It was thoroughly outclassed by the Cannondale SuperSix (neither Evo or HiMod) I changed it for.

Jammy [8 posts] 10 months ago
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I have a 2012 version of this bike. It came with very much less spec, 105 shifters, own brand bar saddle brakes etc, FSA gossamer crank, Shimano R500 wheels. 

I think it has a different fork to the newer version, the newer one looks more compliant. Mine is like the blue/white one in here http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/bikes/road/product/review-ridley-....

Was $1300NZD on a clearout. I think the difference in spec more than makes up for the price difference to what you are looking at for $1600USD.

Have 22,000km on it. Frame never given me a problem, although I ride a cyclepath that periodically had salt water on it and the alloy/carbon juncture on one rear stay has oxidation due to this.

Ride 25mm tyres, done a lot of sportives etc even at regular spec and it is fine. Even some with gravel sectuers, just for some fun.

In that distance I've replaced just about everything on it, but I am picky, had one significant 'off' and have had it a long time. I'd done 10000k on it before changing anything. BB went within 2000k, was a FSA megaExo, but I think I had flushed it with water by accident when learning how to clean the bike.

Hope that helps.