I've never owned what I'd class as an expensive jersey (£40+), I've had various types from endura down to muddy fox and ok I can tell the difference in fabric quality but not in the materials performance. I've got a merino one that's a different type of fabric from the usual polyester or polypropylene blends, but what does a £100+ jersey do differently to justify the cost or is it all showboating wearing Castelli, assos etc?
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Vejnemojnen [271 posts] 11 months ago
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bought two of raccmers.. and I'm disappointed. size XL is good in arms-length and for the lats, but way to much material at the front.


whenever I bend forward and tuck my elbows, it is too baggy at the chest.


I cannot stand, when a jersey does not fit and stretch on my body perfectly. And I've found, that Cheap cycling jersey are awful in these respects. One siomply cannot find a size that fits..  1

Impossible to find the right size
The seams are not durable at all

try to source second-hand clothing from better brands..

antonio [1168 posts] 11 months ago

I just took a punt on jersey from China, I liked the unusual design. When it came to sizing it was a little confusing, me being on the larger end of the spectrum but following the guide I asked for ex 1 Large. On receiving the jersey I was quite pleased with the fit, nearer a good fit than many of the home manufacturers (China import) sizes. A few of my cycling friends have been delighted at the price and quality of clothing from far East sources. I still order club jerseys from a Brit source.  

Grahamd [937 posts] 11 months ago

My judge of all good kit is that you should simply not notice it when you are wearing it; whether it be 10 minutes or 10 hours on the bike. Trouble is once you use quality kit you seldom go back (ask anyone with a Gabba) I have never paid full price for any expensive jersey though, always seeking sales or discounts, or better still both. Be a canny shopper and you'll find £40 can get a great jersey.

Tjuice [252 posts] 11 months ago
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These things can be quite personal, but I am not sure all 'cheap' kit is bad.

My kit comprises the following brands:

Castelli, dhb, Endura, Santini, Decathlon, Aldi own brand

A few observations on some of these:

Decathlon: mixed results. Shorts/tights that I've had have generally not been great.  The cycling tops were cheap and okay, but generally a bit loose in places.

Castelli: lovely kit, but expensive (and comes up a bit small - buy larger size than usual)

dhb: been great over a few years, but seems a bit more expensive these days now that the brand is well established.

Aldi own brand: Been excellent for me.  My absolute favourite cycling jersey (for autumn/winter/spring) is an Aldi own brand thing.  I love it.  I use it in sub-zero up to around 10 degrees (celcius) and it is fantastic in every way - temperature control, fit, comfort, pockets, etc.  Perhaps it is a bit boring (plain red with some reflective bits), but that's fine for me.  I wish I had bought more than one (and hope they come back into store this autumn)

I bought a couple of the Aldi summer cycling jerseys they were selling in the last month.  They fit (me) well on the body; are a good length; good pockets; very comfortable.  The arms are not quite right though.  They are a bit loose on my thin arms, especially behind my triceps when I am slammed over in the drops.  But again, given what I paid, they're great jerseys and seem to be holding up well so far to the wear-wash cycle.  I'd be happy riding all day in one of these.

I have various other bits of Aldi kit that have generally performed well ahead of what I would expect, given the price.  BUT, I always bought this stuff in person, so I was able to evaluate carefully what I was buying before parting with cash (as an example, I considered their bib shorts, but after taking a long, hard look at them, decided against).


SingleSpeed [429 posts] 11 months ago

As above i've got it all from Aldi to Assos.

The single best jersey I've ever owned is a wafer thin thing made by Craft. I can't see it lasting long but it sure works in the 30degrees it's been hitting in Devon!


I will say that the best pads in any short are Assos, followed by RH+ then Gore, then Castelli and blah blah down to Aldi who I use exclusively for shorts on the turbo trainer...having said that my turbo shorts are getting on for 8 years old now!



I've never found a jersey I didn't like because I use these cool buildings they call Shops where you can try things on and buy the one that fits, I've had a 100% hit rate of purchasing stuff I want in these strange buildings.


BehindTheBikesheds [1752 posts] 11 months ago

Polaris is amongst my better fitting/wearing kit, certainly wears better than Rapha does IME, also DeMarchi and a LIDL long sleeve are absolutely spot on for us bigger chaps.

I don't find some of the expensive gear sizes up that well, even in non race someone with a big chest like mine (47") it looks like it's actually fitted for someone with a full on V shaped body/super athletic figure, this is why i always ask other measurements.

As for chinese jerseys, i bought one (Franklin) and the sizing is okay as race fit goes if not actually a little snug around the midriff but then i could lose a kg or 5.