I was out for a ride today and my chain came off at the bottom of a hill, so I put it back on and when I started off up the hill I noticed a strange noise.  I stopped, tested a few things and went slowly up the hill, listening for the sound. 

I'd noticed a car coming down the hill behind me as I had got back on my bike and could now hear him.  Strangely, he wasn't going very fast and was coming up the hill almost as slowly as I was.  He pulled alongside me and my immediate thought was, here we go, some idiot about to complain about me holding them up, even though they could very easily get round me.

He lowered the passenger window and, surprisingly, asked if I was all right? 

"Yeah, just a strange noise."

"You sure?"

"Yeah.  Thanks."

"Have you got enough water?"  It was pretty hot yesterday.

"Yes, plenty, thank you!"

He waved and drove off.

If, by any chance you are reading this, thank you so much for doing what you did.  It's good to know that not everyone I might come across on a ride is an idiot.  It was somewhere near Castle Eaton in Wiltshire.


Scheißenberg [15 posts] 11 months ago

I like to think there's a lot of good people out there.
It's just the assholes are so noticeable.

Grahamd [937 posts] 11 months ago

Thanks for sharing. Always good to hear positive news and give recognition. 

One good deed deserves another so let's keep the good karma going.

youngoldbloke [129 posts] 11 months ago
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Might have been a cyclist, of course. Good on him!

Morgoth985 [103 posts] 11 months ago

It's most of them!  As our German-monikered friend says, we notice the few bad and not the many good.  I've mainly commented here about the stress I get from the nutters but I should also mention that I've taken to giving everyone even vaguely considerate a friendly wave.  Doesn't hurt to mix some positive vibes in.

harragan [235 posts] 11 months ago

You are right, of course.  Most of the people we come across go unnoticed.  It's the idiots who usually stand out.  

And I agree about acknowledging considerate drivers.  I always give a thumbs up to those who have slowed down and waited to overtake, etc.  What goes around comes around, hopefully.

Kapelmuur [414 posts] 11 months ago

A couple of weeks ago I had a minor mechanical on the road past Tatton wall.   I was fiddling about with the bike upturned when a white van stopped and the driver asked whether I needed any help.

I didn't and thanked the driver, as the van drove away I saw that it bore the legend 'Tim Burgess Chainsaw Sculptor'.

I've checked Google and it appears that Tim is responsible for many of the striking scuptures one passes on the roads of Cheshire.


BehindTheBikesheds [1752 posts] 11 months ago

About 7-8 years ago I got a lift from a WVM after thumbing for a lift after making a stupid error, he drove me about 12miles to where he lived, fortunately only 5 miles from home. I started walking and about 10 or so minutes later he beeped me in his car with his kids/wife as they were going to the pool in my town. Crammed the bike into the boot by taking both wheels off and squeezed in the back next to the kids.

Leisure centre is literally a 7 minute walk using the cut through the hedge to the back of the estate, absolutely blinding result and I couldn't have being more grateful. he was totally cool about it.

I can't say I've had too many positive interactions with motorists, they are outweighed by the negative 500:1 easily but I will always try to be courteous in letting people in or pulling over if I know it makes sense to do so due to terrain. I even picked up a bucket plus a load of DIY stuff that went flying off the top of a van a few weeks back, wasn't sure if they were going to turn around but they did and was thankful for picking up. I was just thinking about the big arse screws and debris that could have punctured someones tyres/caused an incident.

I know we get the rough end of the stick far too often but if you can do something positive, then maybe just maybe they'll pass it onto someone who is riding a bike.