I have a Focus Izalco Ergoride 2.0 and I had a stupid accident the other day. I was getting on my bike after stopping, trying to clip into my pedals and the left foot was not getting in. So I looked down for a few seconds and that resulted in me hitting a pole and falling down. I had no real speed but the hit still made me fall off.
The hit chipped my down tube on the right side and I am not sure if this is something serious or not. It only seems to be damaged at the surface, layers of paint but I am not sure. It doesn't bend or change shape if I press on the area and I don't see any real cracks but I am no expert. 

This is a photo:


I thought of asking on the forum maybe someone has more of an expert eye and can make a better assesment. I have a big ride on Saturday and I am not sure if I should be worried or not so would appreciate some advice.

Any recommandations of places where I could check this more thourghly and/or repair it would be appreciated as well.



matthewn5 [1149 posts] 10 months ago

Take it to a carbon repair place and get an opinion.

wycombewheeler [1283 posts] 10 months ago

I'm sure I've heard of local bikes shops dealing with chips and scratches with some resin, Just to reveal and prevent water ingress. Try a few where you live they may we d you to specialist repairers if they think it is more serious.

pablo [203 posts] 10 months ago

Quick and easy check for carbon is to get a coin and tap it repeatedly on a known good part of the tube and then move towards the damaged area and around it. A change in tone would suggest their maybe some hidden damage. Only 100% way is to ultrasound it.
Doesn't look that bad just annoying