Top work on the new cycle lane on the Bath Road from Bristol up to Brislington P&R. A relatively safe passage past the stationery traffic without having to go outside the traffic will be great in the dark winter months!

I know they got a huge grant to be a cycling city and have taken some stick for a lack of progress but hopefully now they are making strides - this will take a lot of stress out of a lot of cyclists's commute home.


Jon Burrage [997 posts] 7 years ago

Yeah that bit looks pretty good doesnt it. Its been a pain with all the work theyve been doing at the castle junction though.

I wonder how the drivers will view the improvements though.

Skardy [89 posts] 7 years ago

Yeah, that will be interesting. Hopefully they will keep out the cycle lane as I don't think it has made any difference to them.

I did get beeped by a bus all the way up the road from Temple Meads, I guess because I chose not to use the cycle lane / footpath on the pavement despite not slowing it down at all due to traffic up ahead.