32 or 30 tooth chainrings for Ultegra?

by bikeandy61   August 31, 2010  

Just a thought as I could do with a lower gear or two for Rourke's Ride in October. Rather than buy a cassette with a 28 tooth sprocket I was wondering if I could get a smaller chain ring. Currently 34 on my Ultegra (110mm BCD). Is there anyone doing a 32 or 30 even? Or would they be too small for the ring bolt diameter. I have had a search but nothing smaller than 33 that I can find. I think I'm out of luck!

Ta Crying

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Sorry, 33 is the smallest number of teeth which will fit on a 110 BCD crank. Smaller than that and the chain starts touching the chainring bolts. (Likewise 38 teeth is the smallest chainring which will fit on 130 BCD cranks.)

two wheels good; four wheels bad

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2nd September 2010 - 14:56


Cheers Cat 1 - I had come to the conclusion that this was probably the case. *ugger!

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posted by bikeandy61 [495 posts]
2nd September 2010 - 18:32


best bet is to fit a larger cassette, and long cage rear mech, oh and you'll prob need a new chain... mmm. gets exspensive dun'it Thinking

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posted by Fringe [1097 posts]
2nd September 2010 - 22:30

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Candy Cranks do a 32T in 110bcd, or so they claim:


never seen them in the UK though

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6th September 2010 - 13:12

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