I am building a road bike from new parts,and starting to see some results.
Now the problem ! I am running out of money (maybe the same old story) however I need a full groupset,having no transmission,or levers, crank or any thing.
I can just about raise the cash on one of the following.
Please your recommendations and advise..
I have decided to possibly stay with Shimano,apart from Sturmey Archer that's all I've used.always been o.k.

Shimano 105,5600, group set 50/34 and 172.5 m.m.

Shimano Tiagra 4550 compact groupset and 170 m.m. 50/34,12 to 25 cassette.

Shimano Sora compact group set 50/34 and 170 m.m. crank. 12to 25 cassette This is so I am told also the cheapest.
Inspite of the above all being Shimano a friend recomends....

Miche/Compag 10X groupset.

What do the readers think ?
Is the Sora,not good enough ? should I try a Compag. ?
Sorry to have rambled on,but can't wait to finish the bike.
Also any recommendation's where to buy the above gratefully received.
My L.B.S has now closed,so will be mail order.


cat1commuter [1421 posts] 7 years ago

You might not be able to choose Campagnolo if you've already got wheels, since they require a different cassette carrier on the freewheel (which is better than the Shimano/SRAM compatible one since it has deeper splines which don't get notched by the sprockets).

On the Shimano side, I'd go for Tiagra or 105 if you can. They have proper STI gear change levers, but the Sora has buttons to change to the smaller sprockets / chainring.

Faced with a similar decision I went for Campag 11-Speed, but you probably won't be able to choose that if your budget is restricted!

I usually shop around ChainReaction / Ribble / Merlin / Wiggle. Different components are often cheaper at different online stores. You might be lucky and find a groupset on offer which suits all of your particulars (which is cheaper), but I couldn't.

Fringe [1047 posts] 7 years ago

try SRAM Rival/Apex if you can find the budget...