Ceramic Bearings - worth the money?

by simonmb   August 26, 2010  

I'm considering upgrading my bearings to ceramic. I'm running Bontrager wheels and drive train - riding for pleasure (not racing) around 300km a week. At GBP170 for SKF hub bearings alone, and more again for the BB, I'm wondering if at the end of a four hour ride I'll truly appreciate the difference. Any advice?

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Without knowing your complete setup I would have thought tires, wheels, pedals, saddle and probably other stuff could all be upgraded for the same or greater effect and no more money.

Ceramic bearings would be one of the later marginal upgrades and really only worth it if you've done pretty much everything else and are running a high-end frame.

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posted by abudhabiChris [696 posts]
26th August 2010 - 17:01

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Thanks for the comment Chris. Ok. Without compelling evidence that the ceramics will really improve things - aero wheels it is first then.

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posted by simonmb [360 posts]
27th August 2010 - 13:16

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IME this is the last of the 'marginal gains' when you've upgraded everything and squeezed performance from everything else - and that includes your own fitness and training.

Make mine an Italian with Campagnolo on the side

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27th August 2010 - 20:19


Considered it awhile back for a commuter bike or my higher end Scott with Mavic wheels. I was told by my LBS that it was a high expense for marginal gain. PLus, I think ceramics have to be replaced more frequently & likely more sensitive to grit than steel.

Instead, I lost 25 lbs since last year (from 165lbs to sub 140) & am riding about 10-15% faster on the same rig(s). THat was a pretty cheap fix.



posted by bikedog [20 posts]
28th August 2010 - 14:04