Well guys,

it looks like I have to say good bye to an old friend. I've had it for nearly 4 years and yesterday my Carrera Crossfire was stolen.  20 I'd just added a nice new Topeak slide rack and bought the £69 pannier and rack bag and it's gone (all though i had the rack bag with me). I had locked my bike up, with two locks ((one boltcutter resistant) (apparently)) outside of my local train station in adlington, chorley. There aren't any signs warning of thieves in the area and the office is manned but only for half a day and the bike rack is hidden round the back of the station hut. There isn't any cctv and i assume the thieves waited till the station office was closed to rob it. So there's nothing i can do, i went to my local police station and they said it's not their responsibility because the BTP (British transport police) are responsible one you cross the boundary and to be honest i'm not holding out any hope, i had to call six different numbers just to report it and then the guy asked how much it's worth, I said about £250, and he sort of said oh. I am gutted. I'm gna try and get cctv off of the bank for down the road because i think they will have rode past there but i'm not sure they'll give me the tape or a copy so i'm stuck. So long good bike, at least my last ride in the morning was a good one  1