Some Ar£$%ole stole my bike.

by Mynydd.Mawr   August 21, 2010  

My matt gray Cube Streamer was stolen this evening from outside Morrisons in Brentford as I stopped off on the way home from work for 15 minutes to buy groceries for dinner. It was the first (and evidently the last) time I'd chained my best bike in that location, and some c*&%t lopped off the lock and b*&&$%£d off with it.

If anyone sees such a bike for sale (2007 model with Ultegra groupset), please let me know, so I can deliver Mr. T levels of pain to the seller.

I honestly, fervently hope that whomsoever stole it dies a slow, terrible, painful death.

A lot of miles were done on the Cube, it took me up French alps and around a great deal of the British countryside, it was the second most expensive thing I've ever purchased and will be sorely missed. To replace it will cost not one month's disposable income, but one month's salary after tax, and I cannot hope to do so for some 18 to 24 months from now.

I realise that this experience is not an isolated one, and also that there's b&$$%r all I can do about it. Indeed, there's nothing the police can (or will) do about it either: just another statistic, and if the cretin was recorded on CCTV, it will help not a jot to bring said cretin to justice (again, hoping for the slow, painful death: more the depatment of karma than any earthly force).

Death to bicycle thieves!!!


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Complain again to the police that they are not taking it seriously, if there was CCTV available they should be looking into it. Explain the cost of the bike as well, often they just dismiss cases as the bikes are worth not a lot.

Hard luck tho, make sure you get a good D/U-lock next time, usually harder to defeat than a cable/chain.

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posted by STATO [429 posts]
24th August 2010 - 7:25


Can I ask what type of lock you had that was 'lopped' off? Nice bike with nice Ultegra kit so i would hope you didn't have a cheap lock protecting it..

posted by SPAM Naval [141 posts]
24th August 2010 - 10:12


Bike theft find and chop their hands off!

I like my bike but it needs a hidden 25cc motor Smile

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posted by Fish_n_Chips [326 posts]
24th August 2010 - 11:10


A mate of mine had his mtb stolen on friday night. He had been cleaning it in the garden and went inside and someone jumped the fence!

He is gutted beyond belief, especially as he had just bought and fitted a new set of Hayes hydro discs.

posted by Super Domestique [1655 posts]
24th August 2010 - 11:15


I've just had mine stolen, i was using a bolt cutter resistant cable, but i imagine they just smashed the lock not the cable, they didn't leave it around so i'll never know. I know just how you feel and can i say i also share your frustration about the police, they're not bothered are they really? My mate had his nicked and he had a nice dlock, £40 lock, but they just used a crow bar or something and snapped it. Barely took them 2 mins (it was on cctv). The only thing you could really use now is one of those moped locks, the 20kgs ones with big thick chain links etc. I can't afford a new bike for a while, looks like i'll have to run or walk to the train station or something. Sad the worst bit isn't the cost it's the sentimental value, i've had that bike for ages, it's like losing a friend lol. sorry to hear of ur loss.

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posted by dave6779 [36 posts]
24th August 2010 - 12:02


I have to defend the police, ok the theft was on cctv but if they don't recognise the thief on what is probably poor quality cctv which is not clear enough to id anyone what can they do ????????? sometimes people expect to much from the police. I know in my area that police would check the cctv, but a white male wearing a hoody (usual description) narrows the suspects down to hundreds.

sorry about your bike, I know you must be gutted but please don't blame the police for not getting it back. Plus there is a ready supply of buyers looking for a bargain !!!!


posted by TEAMSKY [3 posts]
24th August 2010 - 20:04


hi teamsky, while you are correct that if the cctv is poor there isn't anything they can do, the police in my area aren't bothered, they haven't done anything. I'm not surprised if the bike is only worth £250 but still, it would be nice for something to be done. I am usually the first to jump to the police's defence, they can on occasion do an excellent job and i certainly feel a lot safer when they are around, however, on this occasion, i feel a little let down.

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posted by dave6779 [36 posts]
25th August 2010 - 7:59


Sorry to hear that. Like you, I hope the thief dies a slow, painful death.
I've had a couple of bikes stolen from me over the years, and while they weren't valuable they were familiar and comfortable, so I felt the loss, followed by impotent rage. If I was still living in a town I'd have a series of old snotters that I wouldn't care about getting nicked. What pisses me off is that most of the stolen items just get hawked around for smack money by the useless dregs who take them.

posted by Cauld Lubter [122 posts]
25th August 2010 - 17:41