THE PRODUCT: Powertap SL 2.4 32 spoke hub (Campagnolo fitment) built into Mavic CD Open Pro Rim with silver spokes. Comes with computer head unit and all related booklets, cd;s, battery cover removal tool, leads etc in its protective case. I would describe the hub condition as excellent and the rim itself has lots of life left in and is true. With a firmware upgrade this would also work with the Ant + Garmins etc.

REASON FOR SALE: Well, I bought this from a friend a short time ago and have not used it yet. I bought it with the intention of building it into a set of better race wheels but have insufficient funds currently, so thought that if I can get a good price for it all then I may as well sell it rather than it sit there through the winter doing nothing. I wont use it on my current bike as I am a big tart and like it to match my front wheel as it would be going on my best bike…silly reason I know but its style over substance I am afraid!!! ;o) Everything is in good working order as has been demonstrated to me previously and I checked it yesterday before writing this advert.

THE CRUNCH: As I mentioned before, if I can get a good, fair price for this I will sell it, otherwise I am happy to keep it until I have the money to build it into another set of matching rims. These retail at silly money (well over £1000) and don’t come up that often with the safety of buying in the UK…put a search in on ebay and there are hardly any on there at all and the last one I saw went for over the £600 I am looking for hence my price. Photos will be taken and available later today for anyone interested. I am looking for £600. For photos or any questions then please feel free to mail me on stevemyers651 [at] hotmail.com