As you can tell from my username I'm in Abu Dhabi and it is damned hot at this time of year.

On this morning's club ride, starting at 0530 and getting back around 0900 the average temperature was 37 Celsius and the maximum 43 C.

This morning I weighed myself immediately before and after.

84.9 kgs when I started (I'm over 6'3")

81.5 kgs when I got home

And reckon I drank about 6 litres while I was out.

So despite taking on 6kgs of liquid I've still lost 3.4kgs.

Since getting home I've had a recovery drink, large glass of water, cup of tea and bowl of Coco Pops (my once-a-week post ride reward  1 ). I'll keep drinking over the next few hours but I know from experience that I probably won't need to pee until late this afternoon.

I knew of course that I was losing lots of liquid but I'm staggered by the actual amounts. That's an overall loss of probably 3 litres per hour.