Price: £60

This is a fabulous unit. Still one of the best HRM/computers available without GPS and originally cost over £250.

All of the features (and more) of the unit reviewed here: /content/review/20992-mavic-wintech-usb-ultimate-cycle-computer-e-skewer-sensor but at a quarter of the price (with cadence sensor).

The only reason for the sale is that I've got a Garmin so the Ciclosport is now redundant.

It comes with:
Main unit (a rather fetching metallic blue colour)
Bike mount (with lead to cadence sensor)
Cadence magnet & sensor
Front fork magnet & sensor
Wrist band for use as watch
Docking Station for downloading data to computer
Heart Rate Belt and strap (strap a bit stretchy but certainly functional)
Software CDs
Original Box

Manual can be downloaded here: http://www.ciclosport.de/system/linkdownload.php4?module=downloads&itemi...

You can see the model here: http://www.heartratemonitor.co.uk/ciclosport_hac4.html

The main unit has been fitted with a new battery and is functioning as expected. All the relevant batteries for the computer, HR transmitter and fork sensor are common so easily found and fitted. Unlike the similar Polar units, the battery in the Heart Rate band can be replaced by the user.

I will test the unit before dispatch or you are welcome to pick it up from London NW3.


TiNuts [98 posts] 7 years ago

Unit now on Gumtree with pictures.

TiNuts [98 posts] 7 years ago