went to lbs today to get a pu***ure repair kit as we are doing the c2c on monday got talking as you do and he asked how my bike was doing as he sorted out the rear wheel told him has been great since he did then let slip i have been looking to upgrade it (a trek 1000) he then asked how much my budget would be..around 1600 follow me he said got a specialized tarmac elite.. http://www.specializ...0TARMAC%20ELITE phots of bikes are ok but feeling and in the flesh is so better man its a great bike...then he showed me the roubaix comp.. http://www.specializ...0TARMAC%20ELITE can have this for 1800 going next sat for a test run .. think i am smitting though..



Super Domestique [1619 posts] 7 years ago

Having been won over a Spesh despite it being bottom rung of the ladder, I can understand why you are over the moon.

All the best and keep us posted.