Anyone use a Saris Bones or similar rack for 2 bikes on the back of a saloon car?

I am thinking of getting one tbh and want some feedback as I don't want to stratch either bikes or car!

I did buy some thule freeride 530 roof carriers but my car won't allow all the families bike on anyway so seems a bit pointless to fit all the roof bars, etc for a quick ride. They will be going up in the for sale section soon. I have 4 of them and aero bar adaptors too so if you are in the market for them check out the ad or email me via my profile.


Fish_n_Chips [515 posts] 7 years ago

You could always take the wheels off and place in boot?

Extra Bungees to stop things moving and buy some water pipe insulator from the DIY for the frame tubes to stop being scratched.

Or put the best bike on the roof  4

Super Domestique [1619 posts] 7 years ago

I'll sell the Thule carriers for sure. I have all the keys, etc but have to organize which ones belong to which lol.

Roofing them is too much hassle tbh.