I've not had the Dawes for very long, but it has given me much happiness! I had intended to use it do help build my fitness for my main pastime of Mountain Biking, (sorry if that offends!!).

My mountain bike now needs quite a bit of work to get it up to a good standard again so I may consider sacrificing the Dawes to fund this.

Could anyone advise whether such a bike actually has any real value or is it not really worth selling? I'm not especially keen to part with it, it's such a lovely ride, but the my heart lies in the trails!!


Tony Farrelly [2919 posts] 8 years ago

…keep it.

Think these sold for around £700 new, but these days it is only going to be worth a fraction of that., had a quick rootle around and the only price for a  Sterling I could find was an archived sale of a bike that went for 98p (which is an awesome bargain). After a quick look on ebay I reckon you'd get around £30-£40 on there. Don't think that will go very far in fettling an MTB.

So I'd keep it, it looks a really nice bike.

No offence taken btw  1


carlnicholsony2k [1 post] 8 years ago

Mmm, no, that won't buy much! What a sorry state of affairs that I have to keep such a nice bike!! Kind of pleased really, it is very nice to ride!

Thanks mate.