I'm looking at villas around Puigpunyent in central SW Majorca for next summer. I know, I have a wife who plans ahead... Can anyone tell me what this area is like. I see there are three mountains (with possible good climbs) and Soller isn't too far and supposed to be good. Any advice on the actual terrain and road conditions welcome!


DaSy [784 posts] 7 years ago

I stayed in Palma last year, which isn't too far from where you plan to stay.

The riding is great in that area, Coll de Soller is a nice little climb, and made part of a nice loop I did from Palma, over the Soller and onto the Puig Major (a more substantial climb) out to Lluc and Inca, then back via Marratxi.

Dropping down South is totally different terrain; I rode a loop out via Llucmajor and upto the Monastery in Randa for a nice snack and Espresso before heading back via Sencelles.

The island is great for cycling, and you are never far from a pack of roadies (usually dressed in Basque orange). The north is dominated by the Tramuntana mountains, with lots of good climbs and is more densely forested, to the south and west it's mostly flat, but with the occasional lump that generally has a Monastery on top. The Monasteries are well worth a ride to, especially Randa and San Salvador (with a very impressive view from the large crucifix statue).