So should he or should he have not?


issacforce [212 posts] 7 years ago

course he should have would,nt u??? if shleck cant be bothered with a chain guard weighing a mere 50 grams he has only his self to blame. 50 grames will not make a ounce(excuse the pun) of difference to a rider with his ability. he should be able to hav his chain bak on in seconds not over half a minute, all,s fair in love and war!!!  20

Super Domestique [1619 posts] 7 years ago

I started this thread but most of the info and comments are with the news articles.

I am split somewhat. The 'fair' sportsman in me thinks it was a bit unsporting but at the same time if Andy had got his chain on quicker then the gap would be minimal.

I would love to hear what the DS from Astana was yelling in AC's ear! It looked like Vino sat up so I can't believe AC didn't know what happened tbh. Although I don't agree with him being booed on the podium either.

If he'd come out and said 'I saw him mess up a shift and thought now is my chance, I didn't realize it would hold him up for so long but that is bike racing' then I think he would have come out looking a lot better than he has!!