Road frame, fork, headset, stem and seatpost package for sale. All nice kit and in excellent condition. I started a project to build a lightweight road bike using an existing frame that I had. During the course of building the bike up I became ill, and had to take some time away from cycling. When I came back I only really had the desire to ride offroad so this lot has sat untouched for a while now. The individual bits that complete the package are described below, a lot of which were fitted but never actually ridden:

Frame = Cannondale CAAD7 R2000 - 56 cm. I rode the frame for a couple of years, then had it carefully sprayed pearlescent black for this project - note that mild curing conditions were used to ensure integrity of frame was not compromised during process. The finish looks great and catches the light really well. I won't go on too much but its a really light frame and really responsive. I enjoyed riding it when I did.

Forks = Easton EC90 SLX - Fitted but never ridden. At the time they were the lightest production fork you could buy.

Headset = Campag Record Carbon - Fitted but never ridden

Stem = Planet X Road, 110 mm - fitted but never ridden. Nice, stiff and light.

Seatpost = KCNC Scandium - fitted but never ridden. One of the lightest you could buy at the time. Note that is has some light marks to it from storage, despite my best efforts to keep it safe in the garage.

Pictures of frame/fork/bits package here: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/willsimmonz/RoadFramesetForSale#

None of the above are cheap and are mostly in great condition. I look after all my gear and am as accurate as I can be with my descriptions. Looking for £400 ono.

Not registered before on the site, mainly just browse the articles. If you want to check I'm actually a real person then I am quite active on the Singletrackworld website under the same username: http://www.singletrackworld.com/forum/profile/willsimmons


willsimmons [1 post] 7 years ago

I should have added that if you want to contact me then please email me @ willsimmonz(AT)hotmail.com