Junior road bikes?

by Super Domestique   July 12, 2010  

Are there any junior road bikes aimed at the 11-13 year old market?

I have seen a Viking Sprint Junior but that has 24" wheels and my son already is used to 26" wheels from his mtb so would like 'proper' size road wheels if possible.

Any ideas? Nothing expensive either please!!

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The best bet are Isla Bikes. Too expensive?

two wheels good; four wheels bad

posted by cat1commuter [1391 posts]
12th July 2010 - 12:08


Sadly yes. They are £450 and so almost the same price as what I am buying and I have stopped growing!

I would be looking at sub £200 ideally, be it new or used.

So far seen the Viking at £170 or a Dawes with canti brakes and 650 (?) wheels at £200.

Did spot a Triax on ebay, but never heard of them. Anyone? That was at £60 and 3 days to go.

Am I wrong in thinking if he uses 26" wheels offroad then he can go 700c on road though?

posted by Super Domestique [1660 posts]
12th July 2010 - 12:22