Am selling my current bike hard case as new one on the way. Genuine reason for sale, basically i dont drive and nobody in my family has a hatchback car and it wont fit into my fathers Toyota Avensis saloon car as the opening with the back seats folded down is oval and it wount quite fir through the gap.

Please note that this is a big box but has fitted in the back of a Peugeout 106 along with another bike bag. My problem is that i fly with it to Italy regularly and my neighbour, the only person i know with a hatchback has finally grown tired of ferrying me to the airport and back with it so i need to get something slightly smaller now.

The box is generally in very good condition with 4 locks. I have to be honest and admit that 2 of the locks (on the side) now require some attention, but the box itself functions perfectly and they dont really act as a security feature anyway, as anyone with a screwdriver could use it to unlock the locks and i always use some extra strapping to secure the case anyway, just in case. However, the box closes securely with the 2 locks on top and is structually sound with no dents or cracks in it. It has an internal frame which the bike clamps on to and my bike requires very little disassembly...i only have to remove the wheels!!!

I have flown many times with this box and the bike has never sustained any damage whatsoever and its only potential downside is the size as mentioned previuosly. Although big, it is fairly easy to manouvere as the box has decent sized wheels on each corner.

This box is currently selling on Wiggle (see link below) for £265 including a 10% discount. I am looking for £120 and the buyer collects. Please no haggling, i am asking a fair price to start to avoid prolonged negotiations.

I have a few photos with my bike packaged in it so you can see how it all goes in etc. Please mail me on stevemyers651 [at] hotmail.com

Cheers, Steve