Specialized Vienna Globe (womens's) 3 v. Pashley Provence - any thoughts?

by mollylou   July 9, 2010  


Been looking to buy a new city women's bike - have narrowed it down to a Globe Vienna 3 or a Pashley Provence, both around the £500 mark when dynamo, mudguards etc are added to the Globe.

Just can't decide - any users of either bike have any points I should consider? Many thanks!

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worth nipping over to www.edinburghbicycle.com, they've got a sale on Globe bikes right now and the Vienna 3 is £100 off...

choice-wise i'd say it's horses for courses: the Vienna is lighter and has more gears, the position is a touch racier. The Pashley is more laid back and easier to maintain. It depends what kind of riding you want to do on it. The longer the rides, the more I'd look at the Globe.

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7857 posts]
10th July 2010 - 8:23


Thanks for the advice Dave! I'm still mulling it over, but thinking of the Pashley for easier maintenance, and it's more for around town than long rides. But of course it's going to cost me more, with the Globes being currently reduced ...

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posted by mollylou [18 posts]
10th July 2010 - 13:51