Racing for lardy boys?

by gandberg   June 30, 2010  

Hello all. Does anyone know of a road bike race or time trial that instead of classifying riders by age, one that riders are selected into groups by weight?

I mean, if this isnt done at the moment, why not? Could have a set of scales at the signing on and finish line to measure both bike and rider. Its something I'd be keen on doing, though its unlikely I'd win unless it was a 200m sprint Thinking

Anyway, just thought I'd ask. Thanks.

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dont know of one, but you could always start your own Thinking

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posted by Fringe [1097 posts]
30th June 2010 - 15:17


Ben and Jerrys could sponsor you

You could do Downhill MTB racing or Track Sprinting

People that do those type of events are usually quite large

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posted by vorsprung [298 posts]
1st July 2010 - 15:24


I wasn't aware Ben and Jerries actively sponsored larger sportsmen and women? Where do I apply?

See You Next Tuesday.

The Man In Black.

posted by gandberg [215 posts]
1st July 2010 - 23:07


It's done quite a lot in America where they have a clydesdale class ( but they would, wouldn't they).

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posted by sponging-machine [109 posts]
9th July 2010 - 16:37