Help caliper won't spring back...flumoxed.

by ctznsmith   June 24, 2010  

I have R556 calipers on my single speed and when you pull the rear on it won't spring back to the same position. The cable outers are full length as that is what it appears the top tube routed guides are designed for, but even with new cables and outer it still doesn't seem to have enough tension in the caliper?

Anyone know if I can increase the spring tension easily? Or a.n.other solution?

Can you get cable stops for old 80's frame top tubes so it wouldn't be a full outer?

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My first thought was cable routing so the obvious question, is the spring working properly? If you open the caliper using your fingers does it spring to the open position?
Have you stripped the brake assembly and tried putting more tension into the spring?
I know some calipers, Campags(?) have adjuster screws but I don't know about the R556.

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posted by jova54 [526 posts]
25th June 2010 - 9:48

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You don't have the quick release lever in the open position do you?

The full outer shouldn't be a problem, unless it had a lot of sticky grease inside. It should work better than a bare wire.

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posted by cat1commuter [1301 posts]
25th June 2010 - 10:44

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Have you tried taking the spring off and bending it outwards to provide more resistance? With the spring unhitched, try working the caliper open and closed with your hands. Is it stiff? The fore and aft nuts sometimes get too tight. Or the bolt could be bent. Presumably you've done the obvious and sprayed some lube (WD40 or similar) into the joins along the length of the bolt? Finally, check the brake lever to see that it's not catching or stiff.

I'd say check for kinks/bends in the cable outer and inner, but if you've put a new one on that shouldn't be a problem. Unless the routing goes around a sharp corner and you're giving the new cable the same problem as the old one.

posted by bikeylikey [155 posts]
27th June 2010 - 7:09

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Thanks for the help haven't had a chance to sort it until today, bent the spring out and loosened the fore/aft bolts slightly...working a treat now. Smile

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posted by ctznsmith [102 posts]
15th July 2010 - 17:24

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