It ought to be a simple quesiton, and in part ?i can answer it for myself: I have the same saddle on both my road bikes and one of the MTBs (the other is a shonky singlespeed that doesn't warrant any more money to be spent on it).

However, I've noticed that a number of guys I ride with seem to have different saddles on different bikes.

I am (I hope) going to buy a mate's old track bike (for use on the track - I'm too old to be a fixie kid with an asymetric haircut and my kid sister's jeans). Quesiton is, the geometry is necessarily different from my road bikes with a much lower front end, and I fear I'm not going to like my usual saddle choice on it.

Am I just being ridiculous?


purplecup [217 posts] 8 years ago

They're all different. I've got a lightweight(ish) and fairly minimal Genetic one on my road bike, an all-purpose Specialized BG on the urban bike and a Charge Spoon on the mountain bike. I've never really had a problem with saddles though, so I've never found the 'perfect' saddle for me.

You do have different needs on different bikes though, especially on the mtb. For the track you're not going to be changing your position much during a session so if the saddle you use is comfy for your road bike, I can't see why it'd be a big problem on the track.

Mr Sock [155 posts] 8 years ago

So whatever works for you is right.

I've had phases of swapping saddles and phases of riding what ever is on the bike - at the moment it's the latter, maybe I'm carrying a bit of extra padding these days.

Can't say I've ever noticed anything particularly different about the saddles on track bikes, you might want to experiment with dropping the nose a little bit - not a bad idea to try anyway for cyclists in their late thirties.

ourmaninthenorth [81 posts] 8 years ago

Although I am, I think, just being paranoid.

I use the same saddle (Selle Italia Octavia) on all bikes because I found it to be comfortable and thought "if it works for one, it'll work for all".

I had a moment of fear the other day when riding on the track using a hire bike. The drop from saddle height to bars is greater than on either of my road bikes and I was suffering on the saddle fitted to that bike (like I'd never sire an heir sort of suffering). It got me thinking about whether my usual saddle would be comfortable or if I'd have to go down the experimenting route.

Interesting thoughts. Thanks, chaps.

Simon [43 posts] 8 years ago

Different saddles on my bikes-
Specialized Toupe on road bike - Loverrrly
Flite Trans Am on FS mtb - Always liked Flites
SDG Bel Air Ti on Hardtail - Bit soft, might change it