Gary Fisher Cronus in the UK?

by austen   June 17, 2010  

Now that the GF brand is going to be killed off my desire for a Cronus road frame has grown to the point of being unbearable... Big, fast, stiff bike that can take mudguards sounds ideal.

So, and this is the big question, other than the bikes that appeared at the product launch are there actually any in the UK? I've asked a few times at LBS and they have no idea whether any were ever brought in and sold - a quick hunt on the web seems to suggest that no one has any in stock?

Anyone seen them in person or know the whereabouts of one for sale (58/61cm)?

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Terrible news about Gary Fisher to me, I still have a 1990 rigid mtb which I bought new and now converted to singlespeed.

Anyway, have you tried these guys:

posted by Super Domestique [1663 posts]
17th June 2010 - 15:30


Thanks SD, I'll give them a call (but not hopeful as I've a feeling they are a figment of GF's imagination).

Never owned one myself, but really liked the G2 geometry, now much copied, and their 29ers are the business.

Anyone else seen the guy in Bath who is the spitting image of Mr Fisher himself, keep wondering why the God-of-29ers is hanging out in Homebase...

posted by austen [33 posts]
17th June 2010 - 17:07


Any success?

posted by Super Domestique [1663 posts]
21st June 2010 - 11:24


I don't even think the 2011 Cronus is even going to be coming to the UK (much like the majority of the range it seems, no HiFi for example)!

I'd be quite suprised if you can get a 2010 one now but chances are you're going to have hell of a drive on your hands if any shops have got one!

posted by David French [49 posts]
26th June 2010 - 20:39


2010 Cronus (£1900) and Cronus Pro (£2600) are in stock in the UK in all sizes bar 61cm so your local Gary Fisher can order one for you.

For the 2011 model year we currently plan to only stock the Triton Steel Fixie.

posted by treksimon [1 posts]
30th June 2010 - 10:25