How to get clothes to work without creases!

by dave6779   June 9, 2010  

Big Grin Hi guys, i've searched around and i can't find anything on this so hope i'm not repeating stuff! I used to cycle to uni but i've started my year's placement in industry, so i'm working for the year, now i used to just cycle to the station in my own clothes and i didn't care too much about spare shirts getting creased, but what to do now i'm working? I have to wear smart pants/trousers, shirt, tie and smart shoes. How do you guys get to work with uncreased clothes? I don't want my new work colleagues to think i'm some scruffy student (I work in IT so our reputation for being scruffy/unfasionable is bad enough as it is without me turning up looking like I slept in my clothes). I'm thinking of a flat bag on a rack on the back of my bike, then cycling in my own clothes and changing at work. Any suggestions on bags/racks? I've got a carrera crossfire but i'm thinking of upgrading (it's 5 years old and starting to suffer) but nothing is set in stone yet. I'm going to go and see my HR manager and see if we do the cycle to work scheme thing, that might take some of the financial burden away.

Anyways, thanks in advance for the advice Big Grin

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Possibly the easiest way of sorting your clothes out is to leave your suit and shoes at work and one day a week go in by public transport/car and take a week's supply of shirts. You can take your socks and pants in every day and take your used shirt home on the bike with you at the end of each day. That's how I'd do it, but I suppose you need to be fairly rigid in your scheduling. Although I always used to find that an ironed shirt folded the way you get them when they are new packed flat in a ruck sack or courier bag with maybe one extra fold on the torso bit so that it is a small flat package that will stay in place in the bag stayed remarkably crease free on a 10 mile ride in. Body heat seemed to take care of what creases there were.

As to the bike, well if they've got a cycle to work scheme treat yourself! You'll be doing your bit for the economy too.

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9th June 2010 - 22:39


I folded an extra shirt last nite and put it in my bag and kept it flat the whole way today and success Big Grin so i just need to clean my bike up and i'm good to go Big Grin thanks for the help!

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10th June 2010 - 22:15

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Get something like this:
or for something lightweight, fold your shirt around a piece of stiff plastic / board and place inside an A4 document holder.
I generally leave my suit / trousers / shoes / towel etc at work and just bring in a fresh shirt etc every day.

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I carry a fresh shirt every day in my rucksack and the trick is not to fold it, but to roll it into a loose sausage-shape and protect it with a plastic bag. In the evening I wear it on my ride home and it goes straight into the washer. Works every time.


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