Probably been asked a few times. Apart from I guess a small weight saving which is really not too much of an issue for me. Does anyone think you would gain any noticeable improvement on comfort by replacing an alloy seat post with a carbon one?


CliveDS [50 posts] 7 years ago

I have messed around with this and could not feel anything significant. I do suppose however it depends on the type and size of post.

Zaskar [133 posts] 7 years ago

It depends how you are!

If you're like me you feel everything -what the wheels are doing, surface, etc too much detail.

Some carbon posts can take the sting out of the ride but some ppl won't notice a thing.

I've just replaced my std carbon post with a carbon wrap (around aluminum inner) for the extra height and I can feel the difference-  31 in the ahem ride.

Some ppl would not notice. The biggest difference was going from aluminum to carbon frame-took lots of road buzz out and reduced fatigued but you could always make sure you have a strong core first.

If you are using a steel or carbon frame then I wouldn't bother changing seat posts.

If you do buy one-make sure it is carbon head to toe and not a wrap etc so you max benefits from the small compression.

Change of tyres and a gel saddle may help too.

STATO [551 posts] 7 years ago
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All posts are not created equal. Ive had 5 or 6 different carbon posts over the years, and many alu ones, and they all behave differently. Here are my reviews...

Thompson Alu, like someone braying on you coxyx with a sledgehammer. Stay away unless you need the strength (such as on an MTB or if your a 'larger' gentleman)

Easton Carbon, ace like riding with a flat tyre. really takes the buzz out.

USE carbon, not as good as easton but very marginal difference. worth a try but im not a fan of the clamp design, tends to slip.

Syntace carbon, super strong but still has more give than an alu post. Not as good on the road buzz but helps on potholes etc. Ive given this one a lot of abuse on my MTB as well as on the road bike and touring with a massive carradice bag hung off it, held up without a creak and still gave a comfy ride.

Time carbon, came on my Time road bike and seems very stiff but still takes some buzz out over an alu post. These have internal stiffening structure so really designed for racers i think. Most carbon posts you can see flexing if you look down at the nose of the saddle when riding, not this one tho.

Overall im a fan and have them on all my bikes apart from my full-sus MTB, tho i do fit one on this for longer rides to take the edge off rough tracks.

TheHatter [770 posts] 7 years ago
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Personally I can't notice any difference. (but then my wife says I'm an insensitive a**e!)