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by antonio   June 1, 2010  

Years ago many top pros rode their favourite bikes, faithful to a particular manufacturer or material of choice, badged of course in their sponsors name. My question is, since the introduction of the all conquering distictive carbon frames, is there any evidence of the practice of re-badging today? I know there are preferences for types of equipment, wheels etc, but what about the mainframe?

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I don't think this happens on pro bike frames. There are enough differences between carbon frames for them to be easily identifiable. There's quite a lot of re-badging of consumer frames though, such as Dedacciai / Ribble. And a lot of different designs may come out of the same few factories in the far east.

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1st June 2010 - 14:02


Until recently a lot of Pro teams still used custom frames built by independents, particularly in TT's. I cant remember any examples but it used to be pretty obvious, as the bikes typically looked nothing like the TT offerings by that manufacturer (if they even did one). Today i dont think it happens as much, youll still get riders on custom frames (ie. stiffer, custom sized or lighter) but typically they come from the R&D dept of their sponsor. Most of the bike companies involved in sponsoring teams these days tend to be pretty solid with a good model base to choose from.

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4th June 2010 - 9:29


I think it happens more with components these days.

Certainly in the spring classics I recall seeing some mentions of wheels and groupsets being rebadged or blacked out for various reasons.

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4th June 2010 - 18:04