I have bought the Selle SMP Strike TRK which is essentially the bottom of the range £25 saddle. Its a little wide but awesomely comfy. My Fizik Pave caused me no end of arse ache.

I now want to go up in the range but can't find any way of finding more out about the saddles and can only find one stockist

The TRK is pretty heavy and a little too wide so catches the back of your thighs as you pedal.

Does anyone use an SMP, if so, which one, what for and do you like it?


Tony Farrelly [2948 posts] 9 years ago

 You can reach them at:

Dillglove Ltd
5 Lockhart Drive
Four Oaks
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B72 1PH
Tel: 0121 354 412

Hope that helps…

billyboy [2 posts] 9 years ago

I use the Strike Pro on my road bike - having test ridden 15 other saddles. For me it's the only one that was comfortable and avoided numbness in the delicate regions. I have also converted 2 mates (although one other thought it was agony...)

Expensive but how much are you willing to pay for comfort.

My advice would be to try and find somewhere that does a saddle demo program (I'm lucky - in the US there are a couple of places that ship saddle demo packages http://www.competitivecyclist.com/road-bikes/demo-saddle and SMP will do demos here as well)

dave atkinson [6371 posts] 9 years ago

You can learn more about the range at


The cost of the saddles ramps up pretty quickly through the range, the top dog carbon version is a frankly staggering £450. Chain Reaction do a reasonable spread of them...

bicyclerubber [2 posts] 8 years ago

For me the nose of the SMP4Bike TRK is just not narrow enough. If I only ever rode for 30 minutes or less, it would be fine but, for longer rides I found it impeded smooth pedalling.

I switched to the SMP4Bike Hybrid and SMP4Bike Pro for my better bikes. These are easily the most comfortable saddles I've ever tried.

Some good information and pretty much the full range at www.smpsaddle.co.uk

But saddle choice is a very personal thing (I can think of someone that hates pretty much every saddle that someone else loves) and you should try as many different ones as you can before choosing which one to splash out on - top end saddles are a good few bob nowadays!

Shep73 [211 posts] 3 years ago

Wiggle have a selection and you can check the reviews.

AJ101 [278 posts] 3 years ago

A lot of them look kind of - flaccid - don't they!?