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I'd love to see an analysis of the number of athletes, not just cyclists, who protest their innocence and later admit or are proven to have doped.

None of them has any credibility, and sadly that taints the minority who are wrongly or inadvertently caught up as well as the majority who never do anything wrong.

I think there should be punitive judgements on people who don't confess when accused - just as courts lighter sentences on those who plead guilty.

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I truly agree with Chris. Floyd Landis who knows everything happening in his team regarding doping kept quite until it came out. Then started to blame every one in theteam including Armstrong who is always there when there when any doping allegations are made in Cycling. I think people like Landis should be banned for life for not only bringing disrepute to the sport but also failing to be a good human. Road Bike Cycling

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9th June 2010 - 13:37


Pray tell what is a good human? We are all fallible and none of us perfect.

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9th June 2010 - 23:46