For sale....My circa 1999 low-mileage 56cm(c to c) Ribble Titanium frame and Time Equipe forks. Dura Ace headset and Easton seatpost (+ ahead converter post if you really want it)included. Bottom bracket shell thread is worn down but not crossed (not because i'm ham fisted. I came to remove my DuraAce bottom bracket for the first time during a deep clean in 2008 and found that my new cups wouldn't take up thread, but after 10 years, it was a bit late to go back to Ribble and argue about it  22 ). I have happily run an FSA MegaExo bracket in there since then without any problems because it holds itself in place but if you know a way of re-tapping the thread, then you could get even more peace of mind as well as grabbing yourself a bargain genuine lightweight low-mileage titanium frameset. The perfect chassis for a winter hack bike  39 ??!! Make me an offer........... wheeliekids [at] hotmail.com P.S. The wife just reminded me to mention that i'm a shift worker so if I don't get back to you really quickly, that could be the reason. Plus, i'm in Milton Keynes just in case you want to pop around and have a looksee  1