Due to health reasons i need Ebike, the Giant is alimited edition that has been in storage, for the four years it is 60cms frame chamelion paint, nexus hub brakes elect.gears 700cc alloy equipped etc.When new cost £500 +.. if interested to purchase sensible offers please.
as new.only ridden around block,  2


ebike-easy [1 post] 7 years ago

Hi Geostorm,
sorry to hear about your health problems. What about getting a conversion kit for your bike instead of trading it in for a ready-made e-bike? They are easy to install yourself without special cycle tools and come completely with batteries and control system. It's a very good solution in order to be able to keep the bike one has become used to over time. Prefabricated ebikes tend to look flashy ... so maybe you want to keep a more decently-looking bike.