May 12 2010 Jordan McCown is a typical five-year-old. He’s intelligent, creative, athletic, and an adaptable young boy who wants, like any other kid, to participate in sports and increase his self-confidence.
But unlike most other children his age, Jordan is affected by caudal regression syndrome, a condition that affects the lower part of the spine and the legs. Jordan was born with dislocated hips, a dislocated left knee, and club feet and missing part of the lower spine. After undergoing eight surgeries in his young life, Jordan has gained some movement in his knees and feet and now walks with crutches. Yet despite his physical obstacles, this little boy keeps up with his fellow school mates, participating fully in the classroom, on the playground, and in gym class.
On May 11, 2010, the IM ABLE Foundation will help Jordan take a step forward in achieving his goals by presenting him with a handcycle purchased by The IM ABLE Foundation. This unique bicycle was purchased with support from donors, including a very generous contribution made by the third graders at Whitfield Elementary School in West Lawn, PA who will also co-present the bike with the IM ABLE Foundation



Zaskar [133 posts] 8 years ago

Great news and I will never moan about hills again.

Hand pedalling is so tough!