It's a couple of years since I looked much at bike computers but as I'm getting a new bling bike I might take the chance to put a new computer on as well.

Currently using a Polar 725X, which is one of the watch-style ones that goes around a mount. I don't really need that style, it was just what they had at the time - I'd prefer a stem mounted fitting.

But a more general question - any recommendations on computers. The Polar is OK but just OK... there are some things about it that are really annoying and I find it prone to bad interference from mobile masts and other computers. Plus getting batteries and spares is a pain. They either make it impossible to do yourself or you have to buy a whole kit when you've lost a bit.

Not bothered about maps, though I like the idea of 'ghost' racing that Garmin do, and not worried about power meter either, although having it as an option later is a slight plus.
Must do cadence, HRM and download data.
I get the impression Garmin have a few more features in similar price ranges to Polar. Are there any other contenders out there ?


Zaskar [133 posts] 7 years ago

I use Cateye V3 but only as I am focussing on cardio and weight loss.

I see myself with a Garmin for tracking in the future and other data performance options.

Garmin also do cheaper options but I don't see the point unless there was a huge gap in price and there isn't (for me) so have a look.

Have you a set budget? You could go the full works etc cadence, HR, Distance, maps with Garmin.

What is your goal/needs? will you need future needs?

Personally if cash if no option go Garmin and most computers have coded channels but nothing is perfect.

I like polar having the option to use on bikes or jogging/swimming.

Will an apple ipod or HTC desire do what you need?

Huge choice out there.