Mavic Sport VS Omega Mach 1 , What Is Stronger ?

by shrinkinbggaz   April 26, 2010  

Morning All

What is the stronger wheel set ?

Mavic Sport or Omega Mach 1 ?



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These are rims, rather than wheelsets.

What will make the biggest difference with wheels built with these rims is who builds them. Wheels built by someone like Harry Rowland will be as strong as they can be. I would give him a ring - he isn't expensive.

two wheels good; four wheels bad

posted by cat1commuter [1398 posts]
26th April 2010 - 17:43


Sorry I should have said, they are wheels on a bike I was looking to buy, I purchased the bike and rode (no sprinted LOL) it home, only 2 miles but they seem ok

posted by shrinkinbggaz [117 posts]
27th April 2010 - 6:33

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