Never needed a race licence before but intending on giving the SW series a proper go this year (just bought my first proper cross bike).

Do I need a full (expensive) licence, or will a provisional (cheap) one do?


Trev Allen [132 posts] 8 years ago

Hi Sponging-machine?!?!

Not 100% sure with how things work with cross. In MTB racing if you want to gain british cycling ranking points then you must have a full race license. If you are just in it to race locally then I believe you can still be apart of a regional series ranking without a license.

From what I can make out from the event website

"Please remember to present your British Cycling Membership card at sign-on, otherwise Sen, Jun, Vet and Lady competitors will be charged a £3 event surcharge."

This is just talking about BC membership £30ish not a full or provisional license. So I think effectivley they are just giving you a discount for being a member which if you do all rounds then the it almost pays your years membership.

Why not send them an email to confirm but I would place my bets on it being OK without. Personally though I am like to support BC so would go for one. Then if you are super rapid (or just love it) you can hit up some national races  1

Hope these rambling help. Hopefully see you there - I'll be towards the back and probably on an MTB!

monty dog [465 posts] 8 years ago

You don't need a race license to race in a regional cross league, all you need is Silver BC Membership. You can use Bronze, but you need to pay a day license fee for each event.